Steffi Callaghan creates richly layered paintings in response to environmental and scientific themes. Steffi is interested in how data and information can reveal patterns depending on how it is perceived and interpreted and this is reflected in how she structures her paintings. Steffi Callaghan’s technique of creating surface interest through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of individually placed pieces of acrylic paint means that patterns become apparent at a distance, yet are obscured close up. The layering of acrylic also plays on the physical properties of light so that different angles and viewpoints can provide new interpretations.

Many of her recent works have been based on scientific reports and first-hand accounts of land clearance (Camp Fire, California, Rondônia, September is Coming Soon) or the impact of rising seas and the pressure on our oceans (Meltwater, Vanishing World, Edge Land, Reef, Territorial Waters).

Steffi is starting an MA in Art and Science at Central Saint Martins in September. She will be continuing her interest in data and patterns as part of her MA course by investigating rogue waves and how these once mythological terrors are now becoming a more frequent reality due to climate change. She is particularly interested in the dichotomy between rogue waves as a source of supreme fascination for extreme surfers and the ever increasing danger they pose for shipping and global commerce.


Salon des Refusés 2019, Camden (12-15 June 2019) Third place by popular vote

Arts Depot Open 2019, London (18 July-30 August)

Joseph Wales Studios, Margate (25 July-8 August)



Germany, 1976


University of Manchester (Geography BSc)

Central St Martins, (MA in Art and Science) - starting September 2019


Kingston Upon Thames