After working in environmental law and flood defence for over 15 years, I am interested in how environmental change can be represented in art whilst retaining aesthetic impact. As science provides new perspectives that can help understand and predict future climatic and landscape changes, I believe the arts can play a role in helping comprehend events or phenomena that are too big or fleeting for the human mind to process.

A news story, book, data set or satellite image might be my starting point and my paintings evolve from their initial starting inspiration until they take on an abstract form. I work by creating large sheets of acrylic paint on glass that are then peeled off so that they can be shaped into small mosaic pieces. These are then assembled, layered, obscured and punched to create a sculptural surface.

Many of my recent works have been based on satellite imagery of forest fires and land clearance (Camp Fire, California, Rondônia) or the impact of rising seas and the pressure on our oceans (Meltwater, Vanishing World, Edge Land, Reef, Territorial Waters).


Germany, 1976


University of Manchester

Goldsmiths, University of London


Kingston Upon Thames